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[Can pregnant women eat dried dates]_Pregnancy_Can you eat


[Can pregnant women eat dried dates]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Jujube is loved by people because of its ability to replenish blood, especially during girls’ menstruation, because they lose a lot of blood, so they can be replenished by drinking jujube.

There are many types of red dates in the market. Dried dates are a type of red dates. We know that pregnant women need a lot of nutrition during pregnancy. Let’s take a look at pregnant women during pregnancy.

First, the efficacy and role of red dates. Pregnant women eating red dates can cause many complications. The serious aspects are mainly to promote the development of the nervous system and intellectual development.

1. Promote the development of hypertension nervous system.

Jujube is rich in folic acid, which is involved in the production of blood cells and promotes the development of the hypertension nervous system.

2. Conducive to the intellectual development of AIDS.

Red dates contain trace element zinc, which is beneficial to the fetal brain development and promotes the intellectual development of hypertension.

3. Assist pregnant women with blood and iron.

In addition to rich carbohydrates and proteins, red dates are also rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, which can promote the absorption of iron by pregnant women.

In addition, the red blood-reinforcing effect is very helpful for pregnant women with qi and blood stasis.

4, help calm the nerves.

Pregnant women eat jujube can eat blood and soothe the nerves, relieve liver and relieve depression.

Especially for the treatment of pregnant women’s upset, postpartum depression syndrome can help.

Second, the precautions for pregnant women to eat red dates Although eating red dates is greatly beneficial to pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women should pay attention to the right amount and some contraindications.

1, pregnant women who eat jujubes in moderation should pay attention to eating red dates, otherwise they will be counterproductive.

It is enough to eat 7 red dates a day, generally in the middle of pregnancy, it is best to start taking 7 red dates a day after the 5th month.

In addition, eating red dates often makes your stomach bulging, and it can easily lead to weight gain. Therefore, pregnant women who are afraid of obesity should not eat it often. It is recommended to eat it every other day.

2, patients with gestational diabetes eat red dates with high sugar content, pregnant women with gestational diabetes eat them with caution.

3, eat raw or soaked dried dates is suitable for pregnant women to porridge or soaked in water to drink, can distort the name of nourishing yin, nourishing the liver and blood.

When soaked in water, it is best to open it and brew it again, which will help the absorption of vitamin C.

[Anti-sand sweet potato practice]_Home-made anti-sand sweet potato practice_Anti-sand sweet potato practice Daquan_How to make


[Anti-sand sweet potato practice]_Home-made anti-sand sweet potato practice_Anti-sand sweet potato practice Daquan_How to make

Life is alive, short is not short, long is not long, and daily life is inseparable from eating.

If you eat well, you will be in a good mood; if you are in a good mood, your health will be much healthier.

Of course, in this healthy state, you have to cook your own food. Then, please follow me to learn how to make anti-sand sweet potatoes.


12 peel the purple and sweet potatoes, cut into strips, wash the surface starch with water, it won’t stick to the pan when fried.


21 Put the oil in the pan, a little more.

Put the sweet potatoes in the deep fry.


Fry until the surface is a bit burnt and remove.


Pour out the oil from the fries and put water in the pan. The ratio of water to sugar is 1: 2.

The fire does not need to be too big, keep stirring with a spatula while cooking.


Boil the sugar until it is sticky, pick up the spatula, and drip the sugar slowly, like honey, not like drops of water.


Pour the fried sweet potatoes into a sugar-cooked pan, turn off the heat, and stir constantly until the sand is turned.

Be sure to turn off the fire, otherwise there will be no anti-sand.


You’re done, set the plate.

Anti-sand sweet potatoes are the most tempting for those who are not yet married.

So if you can learn as soon as possible, improperly enjoy a different delicious, but also solve your own lifelong affairs.

Brokers, certain industries with intensive fund insurance investigations, the target stocks are most favored-

Brokers, some industries with intensive fund insurance investigations, the target stocks are the most popular?

In the second quarter, the securities companies, some industries with intensive fund insurance investigations, the target stocks are the most popular?

  Cai Union News (Shanghai, Judge Zhang Shuang), since the second quarter of 2019, the three major stock indexes of Shanghai and Shenzhen have shown a weak and volatile pattern. In recent days, northbound funds have shown a net and net trend, and market sentiment is sluggish.Game-oriented.

According to wind data, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has fallen by 4 in the past 60 days.

34%, Shen Chengzhi fell by 2.

68%, and with market sentiment uncertain, investment opportunities in the market outlook have attracted much attention.

  Entering the second quarter of 2019, the institution began intensive research on listed companies.

According to wind data statistics, from June 1st to August 6th, 508 listed companies received intensive research by institutions.

At this point, the investigation trends of securities companies, public funds, top private equity, insurance and insurance asset management investigations have been exposed.

A certain type of underlying implies investment opportunities, and certain industries have configuration value. 苏州桑拿网 Brokers, funds, and insurance companies pay most attention to this stock, and the Finance Association will interpret them one by one.

  The industry ‘s favorite industry has released the logic behind the industry. Since the second quarter, securities companies, public funds, top private equity, insurance and insurance asset management institutions have entered an intensive “investigation season”.

  According to statistics compiled by the Finance and Accounting Association, from the perspective of the “preference” of individual stocks in the second quarter of the second quarter, Hikvision, Fuling mustard, Huanxu Electronics, Lepu Medical, Zhuoshengwei, Midian Health, Jinjia shares, Haida Group and Huichuan Technology are the most favored.

From the perspective of industry distribution, listed companies in the pharmaceutical (Chinese medicine, western medicine, and medical-related) 重庆耍耍网 industrial machinery, electronic equipment and instruments, electrical components and equipment, and electronic components industries have received the most institutional surveys.

  Data source: from the perspective of the research industry distribution of the organization, the pharmaceutical and biological industry is the most popular, including 39 types of pharmaceutical and biological industry companies such as western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, healthcare, and biotechnology.

Among them, among medical and biological companies, Lepu Medical and Mindray Medical received surveys up to 174 and 83 times.

This year, the pharmaceutical and biological industry is still the focus of deployment. As a key area of the growth sector, institutional research has naturally expanded.

Regarding the cause of “being favored” in the pharmaceutical and biological industry, Industrial Securities believes that the A-share pharmaceutical sector continues to be favored by foreign investors.

Data from China Stock Connect shows that pharmaceutical stocks have been in an overweight state. In the expansion of the MSCI segment in November 2019, the pharmaceutical sector ranks first in various industries in the division of mid-cap stocks, and will more fully enjoy the richness.Institutional dividends from inflows.

  In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, industries related to industry and electronics are valued, and there is a gap in the number of institutional studies obtained in all industries.

  Among them, in the field of industrial equipment, a total of 30 companies received institutional intensive research.

Among them, the companies most favored by the company are Sanhua Intelligent Control and Golden Card Intelligence, which have received institutional research up to 69 and 39 times in two months, respectively, and Constance and Saurer Intelligent Research 18 times.

  Among them, it is the industry most favored by institutions. Industrial machinery is mainly the industry that produces and sells industrial machinery products, including general machinery and equipment (machine tools, fans, pumps, etc.) and special machinery and equipment (chemical machinery, printing and packaging machinery, textile and clothing machinery,Building materials machinery, etc.).

  So what is the investment logic behind the industrial machinery industry?

  China Merchants Securities analysts believe that, first of all, the construction machinery industry is the most definitive sub-sector, and economic underpinning measures such as infrastructure and real estate investment will effectively promote the industry’s sales volume, and tougher update requirements will lengthen the industry’s business cycle.

   The first is the opportunity for science and technology board.

Science and technology make up for shortcomings, self-controllability has been raised to unprecedented heights, and science and technology innovation boards carry the hope of domestic high-tech equipment companies competing for world-class enterprises.

The machinery industry in the science and technology board is mainly focused on high-end manufacturing such as intelligent equipment robot automation and core inspection. Through the promotion of the science and technology board, excellent-sized mechanical target and benchmark A-share listed companies are expected to welcome investment opportunities.

  In addition, “The intelligent transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is an inevitable choice for the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry. The key components, systems and ontology of robots are the core capabilities of intelligent manufacturing. The integration of industrial systems is the guarantee of the landing of robot applications. The operation of industrial Internet isAdvanced form and future of manufacturing production and profit model upgrade.

“Chuancai Securities analysts believe.

  In addition to the industrial machinery industry, the electronic equipment and instruments and electronic components industry also contains alkali configuration value.

Among them, Hikvision, Hudian and Sunlord Electronics are the most favored companies in this field.

Obtained 413 institutional investments, 85 and 63 in two months.

  The electronics industry has been recognized for almost a year.

CITIC Construction believes that the electronics industry is about to enter a new round of innovation cycles with 5G as its main line. In the early stage of innovation, 2019, it is judged that the overall industry outlook is expected to bottom out, and then it will enter a period of price release driven by rising volume and price.
  Wu Chao, an analyst at CITIC Construction Investment, once told reporters that in the future, the technology industry may usher in the best window of three to five years for technology investment.

Technology 50, the leading company in the technology industry is the best investment opportunity in the next three to five years.

There are three main logical supports behind it: breakthrough technological innovation has reached a new cycle, and the policy environment has brought more opportunities for technological innovation. The science and technology board has a positive impact on the TMT industry.

  The most popular institutions favor individual stocks. The institutions that have found that the investment logic behind the key industries and their configurations that are worthy of attention are worth thinking about, and the most researched key targets are also worthy of attention.

  In the two months since the second quarter, from the perspective of a “higher degree” of stocks, Hikvision, Fuling mustard, Huanxu Electronics, Lepu Medical, Zhuo Shengwei, Midian Health, Jinjia shares, HaidaThe Group and Huichuan Technology are the most favored. In the past two months, 413, 235, 189, 174, 167, 155, 136, 109, and 108 studies have been conducted.  As the company with the most institutional research since the second quarter-Hikvision, the company ushered in a survey of brokers including CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan, China Merchants Securities and East China Securities Asset Management.At the same time, Castrol Fund, Boshi Fund and other institutions have also recentlyConvoy intensive research.

  Judging from the frequency of investigations by securities companies, the frequency differences in the investigation of listed companies since the second quarter were broken down.

This round of Industrial Securities, CITIC Securities, and Tianfeng Securities are called the “most diligent brokers”. The first two months of the second quarter were found by the three securities firms 94 times, 82 times, and 80 times.

Anson Securities conducted 80 investigations, Haitong Securities 77 times, and CICC 71 times.

  Definitely, on the whole, the securities companies focus on listed companies except Hikvision, Liling mustard, Huanxu Electronics, Lepu Medical, Zhuo Shengwei, Midian Health, Jinjia and other well-known targets.In the second quarter, intensive research was conducted on Semir, which is different from other institutions’ preferences.

  In addition, insurance capital and asset management focus on listed companies. In addition to Hikvision, Fuling mustard, Lepu Medical and other popular targets, insurance capital companies intensive research on Zhouming Technology in the second quarter, which is different from other institutionsThe place.
  From the perspective of top private equity and foreign research trends, the companies that each institution focuses on are also different.

According to statistics, since the second quarter of 2019, in addition to the companies that are generally concerned by the institutions, the top three stocks that Gaoyi Assets is most concerned about include Sanlian Hongpu. Wen ‘s shares have been surveyed by Goldman Sachs and Jinglin Assets.Stone research.

In addition, foreign BlackRock also conducted investigations on Dier Laser, Goldwind Technology, and Shiji Information.

Torch Electronics (603678): Rapid growth in 2018 & 2019 Q1 results optimistic about the development prospects of ceramic capacitors and new materials business

Torch Electronics (603678): Rapid growth in 2018 & 2019 Q1 results optimistic about the development prospects of ceramic capacitors and new materials business

Event: The company announced the 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 20 in 2018.

2.4 billion, an annual increase of 7.

21%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

33 ppm, an increase of 40 in ten years.

71%, corresponding to the expected return (decrease) of 0.

74 yuan, a cash dividend of 1 for every 10 shares distributed to all shareholders.

00 yuan (including tax).

The company announced the 2019 first quarter report, and achieved operating income in the first quarter of 20194.

6.4 billion, an annual increase of 23.

53%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 0.

72 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.

13%, corresponding returns (decrease) 0.

16 yuan.

Opinion: The company’s performance in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 maintained rapid growth.

(1) The company’s operating income increased steadily to 20 in 2018.

24 ppm, an increase of 7 per year.

21%, preliminary: ① The self-produced component business is growing rapidly every year.

55%, mainly benefited from the development of downstream military electronics information industry and the shortage of stock after adjustment of the global capacity structure of civilian 重庆耍耍网 ceramic capacitor products, and the ton capacitors have grown rapidly.

After 64% and the company acquired Guangzhou Tianji and Fujian millimeter new production lines for single-layer capacitors, thin-film components show a good development trend; ② The strategic layout of the new material sector in 2018 has initially shown results, and the main business achieved 0 operating income.

26 ppm, a 10-year increase of 295.

99%; ③ Due to the continuous shortage of some component products in the agency business, the operating income decreased by more than 3.


(2) The company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in 20183.

33 ppm, an increase of 40 in ten years.

71%, the growth rate is much higher than the growth rate of revenue, the first is: the proportion of self-produced businesses with higher gross profit margins increased by 4%.

With 93 averages, the 都市夜网 gross margin of phosphate capacitors increased by 7.

The gross profit margin of 91 additives and ceramic materials increased by 31.

Forty-five single companies have promoted the company’s overall gross profit margin to rise9.

37 units.

(3) The company’s first quarter report for 2019, the operating income increases by 23 every year.

53% was mainly driven by the expansion of sales scale, and net profit attributable to mothers achieved rapid growth31.

13%, faster than the growth rate of operating income, mainly due to: ① the company’s overall gross profit level increased by 2 over the same period last year.

There are 32 singles; ② The gradual slowdown of the gradual R & D expansion is reported, and the required financial expenses are reduced by 53 compared with the same period of the previous year.


(4) The net cash flow from the company’s single quarter operating activities in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 were 0.

8.9 billion, 0.

8.4 billion, better liquidity.

A leading enterprise in the domestic component industry, the development prospects of the military and civilian markets are expected.The company has deeply cultivated the capacitor field for thirty years and has 62 patented technologies in the field of ceramic capacitors.

In terms of military products, the company is a domestic military MLCC core supplier. The first batch of products has passed the certification of “aerospace-grade” multilayer ceramic capacitors. The products have been successfully loaded with manned space launch
Informatization of weapons and equipment has become the focus of national army building. It is expected that the market for military electronics informatization in the next ten years may exceed 1.

2 trillion, as the industry leader, the company aims to directly benefit from military information construction and accelerated equipment installation.

In April 2018, the company acquired a 60% stake in Tianji Electronics to enter the microwave component market, and realized a net profit of approximately 4.1 million yuan from May to June, further enhancing the overall profitability.

In terms of civilian products, smartphone function enhancements and 5G upgrades have increased through MLCC replacement. At the same time, the development of automotive electronics has driven MLCC to refinement and high-end development. It is expected that the supply and demand gap will not be effectively alleviated in the short term and the company’s civilian MLCC business will achieve further growth.

The trading business sector has developed steadily and continued to increase the layout of domestic and foreign markets.

In addition to self-produced products, the company is also an important sales agent for original foreign brands such as AVX, KEMET, Taiyang Yuden, and the target customers are smartphones, security, new energy vehicles and other downstream civilian markets (the first largest customer is Xiaomi mobile phones).
Benefiting from the recent contraction in the supply of low- and mid-range ceramic capacitors and the rise in demand for downstream industries such as mobile phones and new energy vehicles, the company’s trade sector business has developed steadily.

At the same time, the company actively expanded its domestic market. In April 2018, it invested in the establishment of Shenzhen Leidu Electronics Co., Ltd. in order to expand the base of the electronic component market in South China. At the same time, the wholly-owned second-level subsidiary has invested 70% of the equity of Japan Fountain Source.It will look for new product lines and emerging markets for the company in the international market, and at the same time expand its business to Southeast Asia for the breakthrough.

The layout of the CASAS-300 project has begun to bear fruit, and government subsidies have significantly increased performance.

Since 2010, the company cooperated with Xiamen University to start research on special ceramic materials, and obtained CASAS-300 special ceramic core technology through a technology exclusive license. This technology is the first in China and ranks at the leading level at home and abroad with broad application prospects.

In 2016, the company will raise 8 more.

The 27 million USD CASAS-300 industrialization project has a total design capacity of 10 tons / year for 6 production lines and a construction period of 3 years. At present, it has achieved a capacity of 5 tons / year, and the project layout has shown initial results.

According to the company’s prospectus, the annual sales revenue of the CASAS-300 industrialization project is reachable5.

600 million, net profit 300 million.

In August 2018, the project received 17.15 million yuan in project costs allocated by the Ministry of Finance (a total of 51.45 million yuan in subsidy funds, and the rest will be allocated according to the progress of the project). The amount will be included in the income statement through other income accounts, which will significantly increase the companyPerformance.
Employee shareholding binds core interests and promotes the release of company performance.

At the end of 2016, the company issued the second phase of the employee stock ownership plan. Participants included company directors, supervisors, senior management personnel, other regular employees of the company and its subsidiaries, and planned to raise a total of US $ 100 million.

The company completed the stock purchase in January 2017, holding a total of 669 shares of the company.

510,000 shares, accounting for 1% of the company’s total share capital.


Employee shareholding can lock the core management and technical personnel’s interests, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of leaders and key employees, and further promote the release of company performance.

Earnings forecast and rating: We are optimistic that the company’s self-produced business will benefit from the continuous increase in military orders and the expansion of downstream demand in the electronics industry. Our 2019/20/21 EPS forecast is 0.



68 yuan, corresponding to 19/15/11 times the PE in 2019/20/21, giving the company a “strong recommendation” rating.

Risk warning: The military orders are less than expected; the progress of the CASAS-300 special ceramic materials project is gradually expected.