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[Common knowledge about bleeding after intercourse]


[Common knowledge about bleeding after intercourse]

Do you know what happened after the intercourse?

This is how to look for the cause, it may be something wrong with the moon’s body, or it may be other problems.

How much do you know about this situation yourself?

Although we all want to do what we want to do, we also need to pay attention to the body. Then, I will tell you about the related problems of bleeding after intercourse!

1, female bleeding after intercourse, the first cause of bleeding in the same room.

The intersexual bleeding caused by the local organic nature of female external genitals can cure local lesions and the intersexual bleeding can also be cured.

Such as vulvar ulcers, vulvar eczema, vulvar herpes caused by intersex hemorrhage, antibiotics should be used to eliminate inflammation, and eczema, herpes, intersex hemorrhage will be cured naturally, such as vaginal trichomonas bleeding in the same room, should be treated with metronidazoleAfter the trichomonas was cured, the bleeding in the same room naturally healed.

If there is bleeding in the same room caused by improper sharing of the same room, the couple should learn sexual knowledge together, be considerate of each other, cooperate fully, and adopt appropriate intercourse methods and positions.

2. However, post-sexual bleeding is mostly caused by organic diseases of the reproductive system, for example, cervical erosion may be caused by severe cervicitis.

Cervical polyps, which are actually a manifestation of cervicitis, can also cause bleeding.

Cervical cancer can cause bleeding.

Cervical canal and endometrial lesions can also cause bleeding.

3, do not be too nervous after bleeding in the same room, but be sure to go to the hospital to rule out cervical cancer.

Now the incidence of cervical cancer is getting higher and higher, increasing at an annual rate of 2%-3%, and it is getting younger and younger. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and timely treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

Many physical conditions are not formed in a single day and are long-term, but there are exceptions. Do n’t worry about it yourself. If you worry about it, the disease will never go away. It may have worse consequences.

My friends, although there are many unexpected problems, we should also pay attention to check and check. If the small money does not cause a minor illness, don’t leave. After the intercourse, you should take a good look at what is going on!

I wish good health.

[How to make dried fish with almonds, sesame and sesame]_Homemade method of dried fish with almonds and sesame_How to make dried fish with almonds and sesame_How to make dried fish with almonds and sesame


[How to make dried fish with almonds, sesame and sesame]_Homemade method of dried fish with almonds and sesame_How to make dried fish with almonds and sesame_How to make dried fish with almonds and sesame

When you see someone’s table full of delicious food every day, you may see a special mouthful in the future.

At this time you will definitely be disappointed that you or the people around you will not cook.

In fact, cooking can be learned by yourself. It is not as difficult as you think. The following is an introduction to the method of dried fish with almonds, sesame and sesame.

Dried small fish first add water to rinse and soak for 10 minutes 2.

Then cut the almonds in half.

(Express delivery, otherwise you can go to a professional bakery to buy peeled almond bars, which is more convenient) 3.

Drain the cleaned small fish and drain the water 4.

Put in a saucepan, dry slowly on a minimum heat and keep frying 5.

I think the almonds are too salty. I rinsed them in water and drained them.

If it is an almond stick, skip this step 6.

Add the dried fish to the pot and bake for about 20 minutes.

At this time, add two spoons of soy sauce and stir well.

Continue to cook over low heat 7.

After the dried fish is cooked, add almonds and stir-fry for 8 minutes.

Then add dried seaweed strips and walnuts.

You can also add some shrimp skins etc. according to your preference9.

Then pour in black sesame seeds 10.

Finally, add the fried small dried fish, slightly increase the heat, and continue to stir fry11.

The final step is to increase the sweetness of dried almond fish.

I have tried maltose before, and the sweetness is very close, but in the winter the maltose is too hard to drip.

This time I thought of using honey for fusion, which is convenient for the taste and better to eat, and the body can be good. For nutrition and health, then we still try to eat less in the restaurant, and make it more nutritious and healthy at home. Hurry up and make today’s almonds.Dried sesame fish.

Shanying Paper (600567) Company Research: Subsidiary Nordic Paper intends to list overseas to enhance core competitiveness of overseas business

Shanying Paper (600567) Company Research: Subsidiary Nordic Paper intends to list overseas to enhance core competitiveness of overseas business

Event: The board of directors of the company was established and adopted the “Practice on the Overseas Listing of Nordic Paper, a Subsidiary of the Company”.重庆耍耍网

The company intends to spin off Nordic Paper, a company affiliated to the realm, to be listed in Sweden. The issue size will be determined based on the rules of the exchange in the listing place and the actual capital requirements of Nordic Paper.Value levels and market subscriptions.

  The subsidiary Nordic Paper is expected to be listed overseas, which will strengthen the core competitiveness of overseas business.

The company acquired Nordic Paper in 2017 for a consideration of approximately 19.

RMB 5.2 billion.

Nordic Paper has a specialty paper business with a capacity of 26 inches.

The special paper market in Europe has a good competition pattern, and its profitability is relatively stable. Nordic Paper’s profit per ton of paper is about 1,000 yuan.

Nordic Paper’s overseas listing will help the company’s overseas business expansion and enhance its core competitiveness.

At the same time, the company’s investment in Northern Europe is expected to be reintroduced after its listing to reduce investment risks.

  In the short term, there will be a supply gap in the packaging paper industry in 2020.

The prohibition policy has continued since 2017, 2017?
Imported waste paper has been gradually reduced by 3175 tons in 2019. After considering the substitution effect, the supply of waste paper has dropped by 2081, and the contradiction between supply and demand has become apparent during the destocking stage.

We predict that imported waste paper will continue to decrease by 500 tons in 2020, and the inventory will be buffered. Demand will be significantly repaired. Conservative calculations will reduce the gap by nearly 1,000 tons in 2020, accounting for 15% of demand.The price will show a rising trend.

  The price of finished paper will exceed that of waste paper, and the profit of paper mills will expand.

1) The concentration of paper mills is much higher than the upstream and downstream. In the historical price increase cycle, the price of finished paper rose more than waste paper, and the gross profit of paper mills increased.

2) From the perspective of the respective supply and demand of finished paper and waste paper, the decrease in the supply of waste paper corresponds to the decline in the supply of box-fiber paper, which means that the marginal offsets at the supply end are equal.

The demand for finished paper affected by inventory has reached 1500 months, and it is expected to be repaired in 2020. The demand for waste paper is the capacity of finished paper, but the shutdown capacity exceeds the supplement, and the actual net increase in 2020 is limited.

  The company is a packaging paper factory with the most flexible A-share performance and strong raw material guarantee capabilities.

Huazhong Papermaking Base plans a maximum production capacity of 220. A 50 vertical production line has been started at the end of November 2019. It is expected that the company’s total packaging paper production capacity will reach 500 mm by the end of 2020.

The company’s global waste paper recycling channel layout is complete. In the beginning of 2020, some 42 initial waste paper pulps will be put into use. Together with the external waste in 2020, it will meet the company’s demand for US waste and ensure the safety of raw materials.

The profit elasticity brought by the two parts in 2020: 1) the cost of waste paper pulp + external waste locks part of the cost, and the foreign waste price gap will widen;

  In the medium and long term, the packaging paper market has great potential for growth, and its concentration will accelerate.

The effect of paper packaging replacing other packaging gradually appears, and the industry has a lot of room for growth in the future.

The decline in the supply of raw materials will correspond to the decline in the actual cumulative amount of finished paper. Small factories will not be able to start up because of the loss of raw materials, and the industry concentration will accelerate.

At present, CR4 is less than 50%, and the benchmark is 77% in the United States. There is a lot of room for improvement.

  The main papermaking throughput is distributed across the country, and the vertically integrated development controls raw materials + locks on downstream demand.

  The company’s paper production capacity has gradually realized a national layout, closer to customers, and significantly reduced transportation costs.

The upstream and downstream vertical integration layout has improved waste paper recycling capabilities through the integration of upstream waste paper recycling channels; expanded downstream packaging business to target downstream customers and needs.

  Estimate the bottom and leave a margin of safety.

The company’s current PB estimate is only 1.

2X, the lowest in history is 1.

0X, the average PB is 1.

7 times.

The waste paper industry is expected to usher in the supply side of the industry as the waste paper gap appears.

0 reform, the trend is expected to improve upwards, the current estimated level remains a margin of safety.

  Leading packaging and paper mills have strong paper manufacturing costs and product advantages. The vertical integration layout controls the market and has long-term growth potential, maintaining a “Buy” rating.

What do we expect the company 2019?
Realize net profit attributable to mothers in 2021.

6.5 billion, previous change -42.

0% / 13.

9% / 21.

2%, corresponding to PE 8.

8X / 7.

7X / 6.

3 times.

  Risk reminder: Changes in imported waste paper policy, terminal demand growth, and project construction is less than expected.

Yili Shares (600887) Commentary on Major Issues: Incentive Program Long-term Growth by Locking the Bottom Line

Yili Shares (600887) Commentary on Major Issues: Incentive Program Long-term Growth by Locking the Bottom Line

The equity incentive plan was approved by the shareholders’ meeting, and the bottom-line performance growth rate and cash dividend rate were locked in the short term, helping the health food industry group to maintain a “buy” rating for a long time.

The equity incentive plan was approved by the extraordinary shareholders meeting.

On September 27, the company’s extraordinary shareholders meeting approved the revised plan for equity incentives.

According to the “Expansion of the Equity Incentive Plan Budget 2019 (Revised Draft)” on September 7, the company plans to start with 15.

The price of 46 yuan / share is awarded to about 474 companies’ core backbones.

5.2 billion shares (accounting for 2.


The unlocking conditions are as follows: ① Based on 2018, the growth rate of non-net profit from 2019-2023 will reach 8%, 18%, 28%, 38%, 48%, and a five-year CAGR of approximately 8%; consider the distribution of incentive costs(Total 14.

7.5 billion) and other non-recurring gains and losses (mainly government subsidies, with a historical average of about 6.

5 billion), it is estimated that the growth rate of net profit in 2019-2023 needs to reach 6%, 1%, 12%, 9%, 8%, and the five-year CAGR is about 7%; ② return on net assets in 2019-2023The assessment is above 20%; ③ The 夜来香体验网 cash dividend ratio is not less than 70%.

Fair incentives lock in the short-term bottom line performance growth and cash dividend rate, and help the health food industry group in the long run.

We believe that the merger of the company has a strategic vision and execution ability, and fair incentives promote the strengthening of team motivation.

(1) Improving the certainty of the bottom line performance growth in the short term.

According to the plan, the company needs to achieve a five-year deduction of non-net profit bottom line compound growth rate of 8%, at the same time the dividend ratio is not less than 70%, and the conversion rate is 3%.

(2) In the medium and long term, we believe that the company has become a potential for the health food industry group. At present, it has made preparations in various 北京夜生活网 aspects, including: ① consolidating moats such as channels, brands, supply chains, and research and development strength;

The company’s long-term strategic leadership continues to advance through equity incentives for deeper-bound long-term stakeholders.

Short-term competition is stalemate, and it is difficult to release profit elasticity. The company hopes to improve its competitiveness against the trend.

Recently tracked, the cost of raw milk increased by more than 10% in July, and the growth rate fell in August, about 6% -7%. The cost of raw milk has penetrated.

Following the grassroots research data, the company added the same increase in August.

7%, an earlier growth rate of 1-7 (6.

6%) has improved, and the company still maintains a certain degree of promotion in the peak season.

Under the pressure of rising costs and competition, the company’s short-term growth has a certain extent, but the company’s competitive advantages in brand, channel and other aspects have clearly increased its ability to compete in the adverse trend, laying a foundation for long-term development and performance flexibility.

Risk factors: food safety risks, policy risks, and risk of declining industry prosperity.

Investment suggestion: Considering fair incentive fees and short-term competitive alternatives, reduce the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 1.



41 (The original EPS was 1.



55 yuan), the company’s current price corresponding to 2019/2020/2021 PE is 25/24/20 times.

In general, the company estimates that it is reasonable and can continue to grow. Although the short-term is subject to increased competition and the cost of raw milk, the mid-to-long-term expects to continue to release the growth space.