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2017 World Championships Sun Yang men’s 200m freestyle final time live video address

OnJuly25th,Beijingtime,the2017WorldSwimmingChampionshipsenteredits12thday,andfivegoldmedalswillbedecidedintheswimmingcompetition.SunYangtooktheleadinwinningthemen’s200mfreestylechampionshipforthefirsttimeintheworldchampionships.HereisthefinalvideoliveaddressandtimeforSunYang’smen’s200mfreestyle.Clicktoenter:SunYangmen’s200mfreestylefinalvideoliveaddressInthemen’s200mfreestylesemifinal,SunYangrankedthirdwith1:45.24,withBritishplayersScott,Gay,HaasintheUnitedStatesTheresultsarebetweenBozhongandZhang,andthecompetitionforthemedalsisexpectedtostartbetweenthesefour.SunYangscored1minute,44secondsand91intheNationalSwimmingChampionshipsthisyear,rankingfirstintheworldrankingsthisyear,aheadofseveralothermajorparticipants.  Ifyouplayyournormallevelinthefinals,thereisagreatchanceofwinningthechampionship.Ifhewishes,itwillbehisfirsttimetowinthe200mfreestylechampionshipintheWorldChampionships.SunYangparticipatedinthemen’s800-meterfreestylepreliminariestoday,andhisphysicalstrengthwasaseveretest.  2017WorldChampionships200mfreestylefinalstime:23:32,July25,2017Originaltitle:2017WorldChampionships200mfreestylefinalstimeSunYangmen’s200mfreestylefinalslivevideoaddress

[Can boiled soybeans drink water]_ effect _ effect


[Can boiled soybeans drink water]_ effect _ effect

During the cooking process, many nutrients will dissolve in water, especially synthetic vitamins. At this time, everyone will use them reasonably or avoid loss of more nutrients.

Especially when cooking food, the water in the pot can also be used for stews, but not all water can be used.

For example, we should not use water for cooking soybeans.

The old saying “prefer one day without meat, one day without beans” indicates that beans and their products are indispensable in traditional additives.

Of all the legumes, only the protein contained in soybeans can be traced to animal foods, so it is called “vegetable meat”.

Soy protein protein, vitamins, traces, impurities, niacin, residual fiber and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients are both food and an important source of vegetable oil.

It was determined that every 100 grams of soybeans contained 35 grams of protein, a trace amount of 16 grams, and 15 fibers were precipitated.

5 grams, 34 carbohydrates.

2 grams of vitamin E18.

9 mg of vitamin B10.

41 mg of vitamin B20.

2 mg, niacin 2.

1 mg, vitamin A37 micrograms, carotene 220 micrograms, potassium 1503 mg, magnesium 199 mg, calcium 191 mg, and iodine 9.

7 micrograms, iron 8.

2 mg, selenium 6.

16 渭g, 465 mg phosphorus, zinc 3.

34 mg, manganese 2.

26 mg, sodium 2.

2 mg, copper 1.

35 mg.

In addition, soybeans also contain a large amount of “phytoestrogens”-soy isoflavones, which contribute to health and inestimable.

Soy beans are rich in vitamin E. It is a natural antioxidant, which not only eliminates excess free radicals, delays skin aging, but also prevents melanin deposits.

At the same time, soy isoflavones in soybeans have estrogen activity, which can delay skin cell aging, keep the skin young and elastic, and relieve menopausal syndrome.

Soy lecithin contained in soybeans can clear the cholesterol deposited on the blood vessel wall, thereby reducing blood viscosity, promoting blood circulation, preventing vascular sclerosis, and thus preventing cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, soy lecithin can prevent trace deposits in the liver and can effectively prevent trace hepatogenesis.

As a result, the precipitated fibers in soy beans can also reduce plasma and triglyceride levels and prevent constipation.

[Curry Rice Flavor]_Curry Rice_Nutrition_Benefits


[Curry Rice Flavor]_Curry Rice_Nutrition_Benefits

Therefore, many people are particularly enthusiastic about the taste of curry rice, especially curry rice, and there are many people who like it very much. For those who are busy with work, curry rice is also a very good food.However, many people are worried that the curry rice will become too high during the process of eating curry rice. If they eat for a long time, their body shape will be deformed. So, does the curry rice change high?

Curry is a compound seasoning made from turmeric main ingredients and various spices. It has a special aroma and is mainly used for cooking beef and mutton, chicken, duck, potatoes, cauliflower and soup soup.

In many countries in Southeast Asia, curry is an essential and important seasoning.

Curry is also used in many Western dishes.

Curry contains spicy spices, which can promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increase serum peristalsis, and increase appetite.

Curry can promote blood circulation and achieve sweating.

So in the subtropics, people especially like to eat curry pancakes.

The latest research from the American Cancer Research Association in San Francisco indicates that curcumin contained in curry has the ability to activate liver cells and inhibit antigen function.

Curry also has the effect of assisting wound recombination and even preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

The curry itself does not have any impurities (referring to the curry powder), but the oil curry powder is not low, because there is a lot of oil in it.

If you do not put too much oil (normally) when you make it, there is no problem, especially the curry is spicy, it will speed up metabolism!



However, the curry is served with rice, so it’s easier to eat.

Especially the juice and rice are great!

But there is a lot of oil in the juice, and the conversion is naturally high.

If you are afraid of fat, try not to eat juice.

I think the yellow curry is delicious, the red and green are very spicy, and the personal taste is pulled.

Sanyou Chemical (600409) 2019 performance preview comment: the bottom of the viscose staple fiber proved the performance improvement inflection point upwards

Sanyou Chemical (600409) 2019 performance preview comment: the bottom of the viscose staple fiber proved the performance improvement inflection point upwards

Event: The company issued a 2019 performance forecast, reported and achieved net profit attributable to its mother.

200 million, a year-on-year decrease of 55% and a deduction of non-net profit of 6.

300 million, a year-on-year decrease of 62%; of which the net profit attributable to the mother in the fourth quarter of the year1.

900 million, an increase of 35.

5%, deducting non-net profit 1.

100 million, down 20 from the previous month.

2%, in line with expectations.

Investment summary: The core product price declines in 2019 are mainly responsible for maximizing performance.

In 2019, the market for viscose staple fiber, silicone, and light soda ash is obvious, and the market for heavy soda ash is generally flat with the same period of last year.

The average market price of viscose staple fiber in 2019 is 11,933 yuan / ton, which is down by 19 each year.

3%, the price gap temporarily reduced 1364 yuan / ton, mainly due to the increase in the industry’s supplementary production capacity, the overall supply surplus.

The average DMC market price in 2019 was 18,803 yuan / ton, a year-on-year decrease of 36.

1%, the price gap temporarily narrowed 8782 yuan / ton, mainly due to insufficient demand in overseas markets, a large increase in production capacity is expected to be put into production.

In 2019, the average market prices of young and heavy soda ash were 1,725 yuan and 1,919 yuan / ton, respectively, and they fell 7 times.

8%, 1.

The price difference has been reduced by 83% / ton and 30 yuan / ton respectively. The soda ash industry has maintained a tight balance between supply and demand and increased production capacity. The market size has changed little.

In 2019, the average market prices of PVC and caustic soda were 6,759 yuan and 3022 yuan / ton, respectively, and they continued to fall by 0.

1% and 26%, mainly due to weak downstream market demand for caustic soda.

In the fourth quarter, the market for major products declined, resulting in a decrease in the non-performance results.

In the fourth quarter, except for heavy soda ash, PVC, and caustic soda, the prices of other products were basically stable compared to the previous month, and the 上海夜网论坛 prices of other products fell overall.

In the fourth quarter, the average prices of viscose staple fiber, light soda ash, and DMC market were RMB 10,564, RMB 1,587, and RMB 17,459 / t, respectively, which were down 9 from the previous month.

2%, 2.

1%, 11.


In the fourth quarter, viscose staple fiber, light soda ash, heavy soda ash, and DMC spreads decreased by 693 yuan, 68 yuan, 38 yuan, and 1963 yuan / ton, respectively.

The company’s viscose staple fiber sales have grown significantly, and the industry is expected to gradually recover.

In the second half of 2018, the company added 25 / year viscose staple fiber production capacity, and the incremental contribution in 2019 is obvious.

The viscose staple fiber industry is currently in a serious situation and has entered the bottom of the industry. In the future, some supplementary production capacity changes, and some backward production capacity will withdraw, and the industry is expected to usher in recovery.

The company is a leader in the viscose staple fiber industry, with a high proportion of high-end differentiated products. It also has raw materials such as caustic soda, which helps to benefit from the recovery of the viscose staple fiber industry.

Profit forecast and investment recommendations: The company is a domestic double-header of viscose staple fiber and soda ash, and its performance is expected to bottom out. It is expected that the company’s EPS in 2019-2021 will be 0.

35, 0.

42, 0.

59 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 18 respectively.

2, 15.

1, 10.

8 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: the price of raw materials fluctuates sharply; the price of products drops sharply; product sales are lower than expected

Zijin Mining (601899): Strategically looking at the copper sector and Zijin Mining

Zijin Mining (601899): Strategically looking at the copper sector and Zijin Mining
JPMorgan Chase PMI data and copper price trend are basically the same two cycles: 2012-2015, 2016-2019? 从OECD综合领先指标的历史数据看,1962年以来平均每一个轮周期持续约40-42个月;本轮自2016年5月起,至今已有42个月,全球经济共振已经已达末尾 当前It is the starting point of the recovery of the global economy and commodity prices. The correlation between the US manufacturing PMI trend and the metal price trend; the end of 2017 to early 2018 may be the top of this round of PMI rebound. According to the 3-4 year cycle, the current price of metalsBefore 2010, the correlation between China’s PMI and copper price trend was weak. After 2010, China’s PMI was highly correlated with copper price trend; China’s PMI bottomed out and helped to stabilize copper consumption and copper price rebound. 杭州桑拿网 Industrial enterprises quickly developed destocking to industrial enterprises.In the initial period of replenishment, the prices of industrial products and metals generally stabilized and rebounded. For example, in 2008-2009, the exception in 2014-2016 was the destocking of industrial enterprises in 2011-2013, but metal prices continued to decline because there was no macro liquidity.Coordinated; this round of rapid destocking until mid-2018 so far, metal prices have also stabilized in the middle section (first quarter of 2019), and subsequent liquidity持The continuous growth constant; the increase in the inventory growth rate from the upstream to the intermediate downstream (the bullwhip effect). The destocking phase is more thorough in the destocking phase.Inventory, and the probability of replenishment is higher than that 重庆耍耍网 of the midstream and downstream industries; smelting and processing: the growth rate of inventory has gradually decreased from 2017 to 1.3%, the growth rate of finished product inventory continues to be low, currently -6.2%; mining industry: inventory growth rebounded around the end of 2018, and the growth rate of finished product inventory continued to have a negative range since 2016; steel consumption mainly depends on new construction and construction area of real estate, while copper metal consumption mainly focuses on completionAnd sales. Copper is mainly used in the later stages of real estate completion, such as wires and cables, transformer equipment and household appliances (the power cable and household appliances together account for more than half of China’s overall copper demand). In the history of new construction and completion, the growth rate is difficult to deviate from long-term divergence.Generally, it can be returned within 1-2 years. High-tech start-ups in the past two years are expected to lead to high completion. Turning resource advantages into economic benefits is the core work of construction and production operations in the next three years. Double the growth of copper production in mines: Timok copper (gold) mine in Serbia and Kamoa-Kakura copper mine in Congo (gold) both have the resources to form world-class mines, and their high-grade will achieve high benefits, which is the company’s key promotionFlagship project.The goal is to ensure that it will be put into production in 2021 and achieve 30% of the designed production capacity, 70% of the designed production capacity in 2022, and reach production in 2023.At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the technological transformation and expansion of the Ser Boer copper mine in order to achieve the output standards of copper mines such as the Bisha zinc polymetallic mine in Eritrea, the Kolwezi copper (cobalt) mine in DRC, and the Duobaoshan copper mine. Continue to focus on M & A opportunities in the mining market, and focus on the acquisition of gold projects in production or about to be put into operation, increasing the proportion of gold resources and output; continuing the project approval and construction of two large-scale gold mine projects in Shanxi Zijin and Longnan Zijin;The operation of gold mining projects such as Poguera, Norton, Aotunk, and Zelafshan has achieved steady growth of gold in the mines. Income structure: precious metals and industrial metals account for 50% of each; gross profit structure: precious metals 22%, copper and zinc 56%; relatively balanced income and gross profit structure can effectively smooth out the impact of economic fluctuations on performance. The current price is copper4.80,000, with the gold price of 315 as the benchmark. Conservatively estimated that under the optimistic rebound of the economy, the net profit for 2020-2022 is estimated to be 50.57, 58.02, 68.According to pessimistic economic expectations, the estimated net profit for 2020-2022 will be 46.61, 52.77, 61.US $ 8.9 billion; without considering mergers and acquisitions of mainland gold, if you take into account about 10 billion per year, the profit increment risk indicates risk: liquidity and credit improvement are less than expected risk: production capacity growth rate exceeds expected risk: countercyclical adjustment effect is less than expected Risks: US dollar index strengthens sharply again